Pursuer’s Offer; Friend or Foe?

Legislation brought forward on 2 March 2017 amended both the Court of Session and Sheriff Court Rules, inserting into those Rules a formal system of Pursuers’ Offers. For a limited period of time Pursuers’ Offers did form part of the Rules of the Court of Session but these rules were revoked in 1996 and have only now been re-introduced in their current form. The recent amendment has meant that since 3 April 2017 Pursuers have been able to put forward … Continued

Earphone wearing cyclist fails in damages claim

A Sheriff has held a cyclist was entirely to blame for her own accident following a collision with a bus in Glasgow in 2014. In Roksanan Gajdamowicz v First Glasgow Limited & Anr [2017] SC EDIN 43 a Sheriff absolved both the bus company and bus driver from liability and held the accident was caused by the sole fault of the Pursuer. Quantum in the case had been agreed at £30,000 inclusive of interest to the date of Proof and … Continued