Credit Hire & Cancellation

The English case of Salat v Barutis from November 2013 is a timely reminder that careful consideration of whether or not a credit hire agreement complies with any relevant Regulations may pay dividends. This case involved the application of the cancellation of contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work, Etc Regulations 2008 and the Court of Appeal in England dismissed a credit hire claim because the agreement which had been concluded in the claimant’s home didn’t include … Continued

Confirmation – Onus on Defenders to Prove Car Hire Charges Unreasonable

On 20 September 2013 the Opinion of Lady Wise was issued in the case of Geraldine Allan v Amlin UK Limited 2013 SCOH 156. Liability was admitted by the Defenders in respect of a road accident where the Amlin Insured had run into the rear of the Pursuer’s stationary vehicle. Agreement had been reached on all heads of claim apart from the credit car hire charges. The Pursuer was a member of that Club and, on 11 May 2008, was … Continued

Golf Trolley Fire

In Derek Watters v The Masters Golf Company Limited & Urathon (Europe) Limited, 2013 CSOH 126 the Pursuer, a golf professional, sued the suppliers of a golf trolley and the suppliers in turn brought the manufacturers into the Action. A Masters NT-E510 golf trolley had been sold by the Pursuer to a Club Member. It was fitted with a 150 watt motor powered by a 12 volt battery. About three or four months after the sale, the trolley apparently developed … Continued